All ASEAN Navies are determined to forge cooperation in their attempts to reach common goals and ground as part of a path to a strong and robust ASEAN Community. Under the framework of ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting, clear evidence of unity and trust among all ASEAN Navies can be seen.

On the auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN in 2017, a decision was made during the 8th ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting in August 2014 in the Bangkok to designate the Royal Thai Navy to host International Fleet Review to celebrate this remarkable moment.

With the aim of emphasizing the importance of this half-century inauguration celebration of ASEAN and to show the harmony of international navies, the Royal The Navy has combined three significant events into a single one under the rubric of the International Fleet Review to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN Establishment (The 50th Anniversary of ASEAN IFR 2017): namely, the review of naval fleet formed by navy ships invited from countries across the world (IFR), the 11th  ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting (the 11th  ANCM 2017 ) and the 1st  ASEAN Multilateral Naval Exercise ( the 1st  AMNEX 2017). The whole event will take place from 13 – 22 November 2017 in Pattaya, Chon Buri Province and nearby famous tourist destinations located in the northern part of the Gulf Thailand.

The International Fleet Review 2017

The International Fleet Review will be organized in and around Pattaya Bay. On Sunday, November 19th, crews from the International Fleet will join the International City Parade as well as other land activities provided by the Pattaya City Council.  And the next day on Monday, November 20th, the Prime Minister of Thailand will preside over and review the International Fleet.  Incidentally, the scheduling of this event is coordinated to coincide with other activities including the Air Race I World Cup Thailand 2017, the 4th Technology for the Next decade, the International Dragon Boat Racing, among others.   All the navies from countries outside of ASEAN are also invited to participate in the celebration with ASEAN navies in all aforementioned activities.

The 1st ASEAN Multilateral Naval Exercise (The 1st AMNEX 2017)

The First ASEAN Multilateral Naval Exercise (the 1st AMNEX 2017) will sporadically occur on and around Sattahip Naval Base in the northern part of the Gulf of Thailand.  The 1st AMNEX 2017 – which will mark an important event in the history of ASEAN navies – will follow the Standard Operating Procedures previously approved during the 9th ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting in Myanmar.

The exercise has been scheduled to have the Harbor Phase conducted from 13-17 November, the Sea Phase on 21st November, and the Post-Exercise Debriefing on 22nd November 2017.

The 11th ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting (The 11th ANCM 2017)

The 11th ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting (the 11th ANCM 2017) will be organized at Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel from 18 -19 November 2017 of which the opening ceremony will be presided over by the Minister of Defence on 19 November 2017.  Additionally, in order to pursue a path to enhance collaboration for more effective environment conservation in the region, the proposed theme and viewpoint exchange for the Navy Chiefs chosen for this year meeting is “Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment


Preview for The International Fleet Review to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN Establishment


ASEAN Navy Song

The song to celebrate The 50th Anniversary of ASEAN Establishment.





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